Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Sacred Space Spell

I wrote this many, many years ago.
It came to me in a meditation as a way to align myself with my Gods
& establishing Sacred Space around me.
Though it is useful at your altar, it's also really good to use silently wherever you are & if you are in need of some stability in the sacred. Enjoy!

The Spell for Sacred Space

Water & Earth, Air & Fire:

Combine to Transform & inspire.

Align me with Divine Desire.

Sacred Space I now require.

Elements guide so that I may,

be on my path & on it stay.

I ask thee now show me the way

of what the Gods desire this day.

Oh Lady High & Consort Bright

Illumine this space now woth your light.

For the Highest Good & harming none,

as I will it so let it be done.

So Mote it be!

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