Thursday, August 30, 2012

Communication Spell

There is no doubt that in our ever evolving technologically advanced world that communication is key. It is the core of relationships, commerce & even healing as we discover our own hidden depths. There would be no art or science without it & yet 'communication magick' isn't such a hot topic considering how much of it we simple must do in order to navigate our lives.
The following is a 'quickie spell' that I wrote many, many, many, many years ago to open up the lines of communication between myself & another with whom said lines had dropped off. It worked without much delay.

However, when I tried it again (different person) from a place of worry, it didn't work at all. So before casting, have an imaginary conversation with the person you want to communicate with until you feel the flow a bit.  Sense how you want the conversation to feel & the better it feels the higher the vibration & the faster the energy.

Good luck & keep the lines open on your end to so that which wants to connect with you: another, your soul, the Gods, have easier access. After all, communication is a 2 way street.

Communication Spell

Powers of air blowing breeze,
Communication flow with ease.
In perfect ways & perfect pace
Let words now flow through time & space.
Between me & my heart’s desire
Communication I require.
For the highest good & harming none
As I will it so let it be done.

Even though it uses, 'heart's desire' that need not immediately imply a lover. Your heart's desire refers to what you feel about the subject of communication. Want it to feel good & the good feeling (element of Water, which is made up of Air/thought/words) empowers the spell. The better it feels, the more powerful the spell.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Love Spell

Grains of Paradise, loving herb
I conjure thee by magick word.
Chamomile, Rose Quartz & Oil,
Bring a love to passion boil.
Panting breath, smile & seed,
Quicken now to lover’s need.
Bring a lover here to me.
As I will, So Mote it Be.

Combine the ingredients in a spell pouch. 
Just a pinch of the Grains of Paradise will do & just a drop of Rose Oil as well. No need to douse the thing. Get your sexy mojo going, hold the pouch in your power (writing) hand & charge it with the chant & intention.

This is what I consider a somewhat expensive Love Spell as its ingredients include Grains of Paradise, a somewhat costly spice & Rose Oil which isn't cheap either.

However, you can substitute Black Pepper for the Grains of Paradise & use Rose Water or perfume oil if the essential oil is too hard to acquire.

I have used this spell with... spicy success on a few occasions. 
Though it didn't lead to an LTR, it did lead to an amazing weekend.

Play Safe!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Spell to Banish a Hurricane

I live on a canal that is right off the Great South Bay on Long Island, NY.
We grew up with hurricanes here, so over the years we have developed a number of ways, 
spells & charms to protect the land while letting nature do her thing.
Here is one that we found success with, but nothing works as well as making sure all of your physical precautions are taken care of.
Safety first, then Magick. 
The sense of knowing you have battened down the hatches will only help you cast this with calm power.
In other words, don't cast in panic mode. Do it from a place of somewhat serenity.
For this spell you will need a knife that you can 'plunge' into the ground at the end of the spell.
Good luck & stay safe!

Hurricane Banishing Spell
Powers of water, powers of air, these witches call to thee,
Take this hurricane away & bring it out to sea.
Throughout the oceans ye may roam!
But keep this storm from my own home!
For kith and kin are thee to me,
As I will, so mote it be.

Now thrust the knife into the ground while envisioning that the winds will be "split" and not come near.
Retrieve the knife and rinse it off after the danger has passed.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Sacred Space Spell

I wrote this many, many years ago.
It came to me in a meditation as a way to align myself with my Gods
& establishing Sacred Space around me.
Though it is useful at your altar, it's also really good to use silently wherever you are & if you are in need of some stability in the sacred. Enjoy!

The Spell for Sacred Space

Water & Earth, Air & Fire:

Combine to Transform & inspire.

Align me with Divine Desire.

Sacred Space I now require.

Elements guide so that I may,

be on my path & on it stay.

I ask thee now show me the way

of what the Gods desire this day.

Oh Lady High & Consort Bright

Illumine this space now woth your light.

For the Highest Good & harming none,

as I will it so let it be done.

So Mote it be!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wednesday Night Readings

Wednesday Night Readings

As of today I am available on Wednesday nights for readings from 5 - 10pm for the foreseeable future.
Sessions booked at The Silver Broom Ministries in Sayville: 46 Railroad Ave. are $75 for an hour & $50 for the 1/2 hour. All readings are by appointment only.

I am available every Wednesday except the week of September 6th to the 14th when I will be at New York Fashion Week.

My other private session hours stand as usual, Tuesday - Saturday Noon - 6pm otherwise.

Book me now because these times are new for me & will be snatched up quickly.
Here is a link to the Intuitive & Tarot page on my website. 

Oh yeah, you can also do the PayPal thing here:

Blessed Be,


Friday, August 17, 2012

A Spell for Masculinity (Ye ol' Butch Spell)

I wrote this back during my traditional training years as a spell for Litha/Summer Solstice.
I was joking earlier today about a Butch Spell, then I remembered I kinda already wrote one.
I'm sure I used a Gold candle annointed with musk oil. But use whatever feels manly.
Maybe Brut?

A Spell for Masculinity


I turn within to touch the core

to stir what has been stirred before.

I summon forth the God within, 

 to make my self more masculine.

Shoulders broad & chiseled jaw.

A countenance inspiring awe.

Manly ways & manly means,

from suit & tie to boots & jeans.

A handsome face, a golden glow.

Power above & power below.

Muscles strong, lean & long

God force from within.

Lugh & Herne, in me burn

Make me masculine.

For the Highest Good & Harming none,

As I will it, so let it be done.


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Shot Spells for a Magickal Party

I host a lot of parties. Some are magickal, some aren't.
Back in the early 2000's I was interviewed to be a judge for a reality TV show that I won't mention here by name.
They asked me to come up with a few challenges.
Being a Dionysus Archetype (mostly, not all) I whipped up a few Shot Spells then tried them out at Beltane with my coven family & friends.

Here are a few of the more popular ones. Use with caution but don't drink & drive:

Beer Buck Shot Potion for Masculine Power

(Beer, Lime & Sage)
Barley, Hops, Sage & Lime, in this brew now combine.
Daring, courage, clear & wise; manifest before our eyes.
For the Highest Good & Harming None, as I will it so let it be done.

Lunar Lemonade Potion for Feminine Power

(Lemons, Water, Angel / Vanilla Sugar, Mugwort, Mint, Lemongrass)
Lemons Tart, Sugar Sweet. Mugwort, Mint, Vanilla Treat.
Psychic power now increase. Psychic blockage now release.
For the Highest Good & Harming None as I will it so let it be done.

Celestial Champagne Potion for Clairvoyance

(Champagne, Angel/Vanilla Sugar, Angelica Archangelica)
Sparkling mist outside of time, settle gently in this wine
Bubbles tingling so we can see our lives & selves celestially
For the highest Good & Harming None, as I will it so let it be done.

Dionysian Wine Potion for Ecstasy  

(Red or White Wine, Pine Nuts, Honey)
Dionysus, Sacred Vine. Dearest Lord, Wild Wine,
Draw us closer into thee. Enter gently into me
Drop of Honey, Nut of Pine, Place your blessing on this wine
Bless this grape so all may see thy gift of sacred Ecstasy
For the highest Good & Harming none, as I will it so let it be done.

Cider Sex Potion

(Apple Cider, Nutmeg, Cloves, Cinnamon, Ginseng, Ginger)
Apple Cider, Ginger Sting, get the bodies tingling
Nutmeg, Cinnamon & Clove, stimulate the urge to Love
Ginseng root, stoke & churn. Sexual Heat now do burn.
 For the highest Good & Harming none, as I will it so let it be done.

 Tequila Lightning Shot Potion for Power

(Tequila, Lemon, Salt, Fresh Ginger)
Lightning Flash & Thunder roar, Tequila Shot that I now pour
Power flow into me now in perfect why’s & perfect hows.
For the Highest Good & Harming None, as I will it so let it be done.

Aphrodite Oyster Shot Love Potion

(One cocktail Oyster, a shot of Tabasco, Teaspoon of Salsa Citron Vodka)
Aphrodite, Queen of Love. Blushing Rose, Cooing Dove
Through this potion enter me. Through your magick set me free.
For the Highest Good & Harming None, as I will it so let it be done.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Spell for a New Career

I wrote this for a dear friend about 5 years back. 
He was miserable with his career, his boss, the pay, you name it. 
After doing the spell, he interviewed for an opening 
within the company he already worked for.
 He was promoted to a entirely different wing of the company 
with a new boss, better pay & made close friends with his co-workers.
Success is very personal in its definition.
Define your own!

Spell for a New Career
Light a Purple, Yellow or Gold candle anointed with a solar oil or similar. 
Chant the verbal spell 3 times with the feelings of success & attainment.

With Jupiter Power & Solar Fire, I cast this spell for My Desire.
A new career for my employ to bring me peace & trust & Joy.
A new career I summon now, with perfect Why’s & Perfect How’s.
All Under Grace in a perfect way, for the perfect Job for perfect pay
For the Highest Good & Harming None.
As I will it so let it be done. So Mote It Be!

Monday, August 13, 2012

The Professional Witch & Social Media

Over the years I have been slowly integrating social media into what I do here at Drawing the Circle Productions. As a company I have experimented with many forms, from Yahoo Groups to Facebook & now I'm even on Twitter.

So I created a Social Media page on the DTCP website:
It lists all of our current Facebook Pages/Groups & where to connect with us on the web in general aside from our contact information.

Check it out & let me know if you have any questions.

Blessed Be,

Mark A. Lyons, Professional Witch
@ProfWitch on Twitter.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Healing Money Devotion

Though Money Spells are helpful in a pinch, healing our relationship with our finances is an ongoing process. 

 You will need:

  • Anointing Oil (Olive Oil is fine, but use whatever you like.)

  • 1 purple, 1 gold & 1 silver candle

  • 1 length of string or cord you can tie 9 knots in & carry with you.

Healing Money Devotion
(Anoint candles & your forehead with a drop of oil)

Goddess of Magick, Goddess of Cash, 
Banish all poverty from me in a flash
Goddess of Abundance, Goddess of Wealth, 
Bless me with Opulence, Luxury & Health. SMIB

Purple Candle:
I forgive all debt, I let it go,
I forgive those who owe me. I forgive those I owe.
I break all the bondage of guilt & of shame,
With the Flame of Forgiveness innocence I reclaim.
I am free of all Debt. I am Free of all Guilt. I am free of all Shame. SMIB

Silver Candle:
Goddess of Might, Hear my plea, 
Bring Good Fortune here to me.
For the highest Good & Harming None, 
as I will it so let it be done. SMIB

Knot Spell:
Knot of One this spell’s begun
Knot of two, my funds accrue
Knot of three, I’m financially Free
Knot of Four, I open Wealth’s door
Knot of Five, I grow & Thrive
Knot of Six,  I magickally Fix
Knot of Seven, Merge Earth With Heaven
Knot of Eight My wealth is Great
Knot of Nine, This spell I bind

Gold Candle:
On this day / night & in this hour 
I call upon the ancient power.
God of wealth & health, My lord, 
upon me now thy blessing pour.
Solar god of Light & Gold, 
Your Power now in me unfold.
So I may in my life progress 
& bless my world with Pure success.
For the highest Good & harming none, 
As I will it so let it be done. SMIB

I've done this devotion every day for 8 days. 

But you can do it from New to Full Moon or until your candles burn out. 

Blessed Be, 

Mark A. Lyons, Professional Witch.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Charmed Life Charm

I wrote this over 10 years ago, but it still resonates.
The ingredients are in parenthesis for each line.
The chant is "La Dolce Vita, La Dolce Vita":

The Charmed Life Charm

God & Goddess guide me well. The Spell Charmed Life the Charmed  life spell

La Dolce Vita, La Dolce Vita

At every turn may fortune greet, through every person that I  meet.

La Dolce Vita, La Dolce Vita

Eternal health, free from strife eternal youth for this, my life.

La Dolce Vita, La Dolce Vita

(Grains of Paradise)
Pave my way with ease and with grace. Place every foot in sacred space.

La Dolce Vita, La Dolce Vita

(Orange Peel)
May Romance come by plan or chance: a Sacred Love, a Sacred Dance.

La Dolce Vita, La Dolce Vita

God & Goddess, bless this mix. Within it let your magick fix.

La Dolce Vita, La Dolce Vita

A Pinch of Love, A Pinch of Health. A Pinch of Luck. A Pinch of Wealth

La Dolce Vita, La Dolce Vita

All bound within & with no harm; a charming Life, The Charmed Life Charm

La Dolce Vita, La Dolce Vita