Saturday, August 11, 2012

Healing Money Devotion

Though Money Spells are helpful in a pinch, healing our relationship with our finances is an ongoing process. 

 You will need:

  • Anointing Oil (Olive Oil is fine, but use whatever you like.)

  • 1 purple, 1 gold & 1 silver candle

  • 1 length of string or cord you can tie 9 knots in & carry with you.

Healing Money Devotion
(Anoint candles & your forehead with a drop of oil)

Goddess of Magick, Goddess of Cash, 
Banish all poverty from me in a flash
Goddess of Abundance, Goddess of Wealth, 
Bless me with Opulence, Luxury & Health. SMIB

Purple Candle:
I forgive all debt, I let it go,
I forgive those who owe me. I forgive those I owe.
I break all the bondage of guilt & of shame,
With the Flame of Forgiveness innocence I reclaim.
I am free of all Debt. I am Free of all Guilt. I am free of all Shame. SMIB

Silver Candle:
Goddess of Might, Hear my plea, 
Bring Good Fortune here to me.
For the highest Good & Harming None, 
as I will it so let it be done. SMIB

Knot Spell:
Knot of One this spell’s begun
Knot of two, my funds accrue
Knot of three, I’m financially Free
Knot of Four, I open Wealth’s door
Knot of Five, I grow & Thrive
Knot of Six,  I magickally Fix
Knot of Seven, Merge Earth With Heaven
Knot of Eight My wealth is Great
Knot of Nine, This spell I bind

Gold Candle:
On this day / night & in this hour 
I call upon the ancient power.
God of wealth & health, My lord, 
upon me now thy blessing pour.
Solar god of Light & Gold, 
Your Power now in me unfold.
So I may in my life progress 
& bless my world with Pure success.
For the highest Good & harming none, 
As I will it so let it be done. SMIB

I've done this devotion every day for 8 days. 

But you can do it from New to Full Moon or until your candles burn out. 

Blessed Be, 

Mark A. Lyons, Professional Witch.

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