Thursday, August 30, 2012

Communication Spell

There is no doubt that in our ever evolving technologically advanced world that communication is key. It is the core of relationships, commerce & even healing as we discover our own hidden depths. There would be no art or science without it & yet 'communication magick' isn't such a hot topic considering how much of it we simple must do in order to navigate our lives.
The following is a 'quickie spell' that I wrote many, many, many, many years ago to open up the lines of communication between myself & another with whom said lines had dropped off. It worked without much delay.

However, when I tried it again (different person) from a place of worry, it didn't work at all. So before casting, have an imaginary conversation with the person you want to communicate with until you feel the flow a bit.  Sense how you want the conversation to feel & the better it feels the higher the vibration & the faster the energy.

Good luck & keep the lines open on your end to so that which wants to connect with you: another, your soul, the Gods, have easier access. After all, communication is a 2 way street.

Communication Spell

Powers of air blowing breeze,
Communication flow with ease.
In perfect ways & perfect pace
Let words now flow through time & space.
Between me & my heart’s desire
Communication I require.
For the highest good & harming none
As I will it so let it be done.

Even though it uses, 'heart's desire' that need not immediately imply a lover. Your heart's desire refers to what you feel about the subject of communication. Want it to feel good & the good feeling (element of Water, which is made up of Air/thought/words) empowers the spell. The better it feels, the more powerful the spell.


  1. Thank you for this;

    I've used this spell and committed it to my BOS (with your name underneath it) I've been unable through strange circumstances to reach someone important to me. And I'm glad I saw this lovely ritual.

    I thought I'd share some supportive tools that may be handy for anyone to work into this rite which are supportive to communication;

    Herb: chamomile encourages communication, understanding

    Color: yellow (is associated often with the element of air)

    I'm not always one for candle magic, but it's fine in a pinch. I wrote the recipient's name with yellow ink on a white candle to assist the ritual. Setting a time for the spell to release without your dwelling on it, like when the candle burns out can be beneficial in a lot of spell-work, especially when you're anxiously awaiting the answer, we can tend to forget to release our spells and never see them go to do their work.

    1. Thank you so much for your reply.
      Writing spells is one of my skills developed over most of my life.
      I really appreciate your input!

  2. Replies
    1. Glad you are liking it.
      Blessed Be!

  3. Hello! I'm curious how the positive results of the spell manifested for you. Did the person just suddenly call you out of the blue? Did you happen to run in to this person? And when you say it didnt work the 2nd time because it came from a place of worry, can you explain that further in other words? Thank you!

    1. Hi,

      This was awhile ago, so details are foggy.

      That said, it was a way for me to put my intention out there as clearly as I could at the time. I did eventually hear from the person, in fact, we've been communicating on & off now for years ever since.

      The amazing part is, I don't care anymore. Not in an angry way, It just doesn't have any urgency in it anymore, which feels much better.

      Whenever you fuel any spell with worry it just moves slowly if at all. Hope is a much higher vibration to cast from, but we often say we're hopeful when what we really feel is worry.

      Bottom line, this spell is about handing it over to the Gods or whatever you call your higher power. I think all spells are this way, But it's how we feel emotionally that tells us if we've really released the spell or not.

      To tweak an old rule of magick. It's what we RELEASE that returns to us multiplied, not what we physically strangle the shit out of.



  4. Aside from positive thoughts when saying it, is there anything else needed when it's being said?

  5. Would this work for a generalize improve my communication skills? I am looking for a spell to help me set my intentions to improve my communication. I am not seeking to speak with someone specifically at this point but looking to improve myself for all those I come in contact with.