Monday, August 27, 2012

Spell to Banish a Hurricane

I live on a canal that is right off the Great South Bay on Long Island, NY.
We grew up with hurricanes here, so over the years we have developed a number of ways, 
spells & charms to protect the land while letting nature do her thing.
Here is one that we found success with, but nothing works as well as making sure all of your physical precautions are taken care of.
Safety first, then Magick. 
The sense of knowing you have battened down the hatches will only help you cast this with calm power.
In other words, don't cast in panic mode. Do it from a place of somewhat serenity.
For this spell you will need a knife that you can 'plunge' into the ground at the end of the spell.
Good luck & stay safe!

Hurricane Banishing Spell
Powers of water, powers of air, these witches call to thee,
Take this hurricane away & bring it out to sea.
Throughout the oceans ye may roam!
But keep this storm from my own home!
For kith and kin are thee to me,
As I will, so mote it be.

Now thrust the knife into the ground while envisioning that the winds will be "split" and not come near.
Retrieve the knife and rinse it off after the danger has passed.

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