Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Spell for a New Career

I wrote this for a dear friend about 5 years back. 
He was miserable with his career, his boss, the pay, you name it. 
After doing the spell, he interviewed for an opening 
within the company he already worked for.
 He was promoted to a entirely different wing of the company 
with a new boss, better pay & made close friends with his co-workers.
Success is very personal in its definition.
Define your own!

Spell for a New Career
Light a Purple, Yellow or Gold candle anointed with a solar oil or similar. 
Chant the verbal spell 3 times with the feelings of success & attainment.

With Jupiter Power & Solar Fire, I cast this spell for My Desire.
A new career for my employ to bring me peace & trust & Joy.
A new career I summon now, with perfect Why’s & Perfect How’s.
All Under Grace in a perfect way, for the perfect Job for perfect pay
For the Highest Good & Harming None.
As I will it so let it be done. So Mote It Be!

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