Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Marriage of Beltane

The Marriage of Beltane

Beltane is always a very powerful time of year for me. It is the spoke of the Wheel of the Year where I really look back & clearly see an unbroken line of my path. Any & every sabbat can do that if we work it. I do. 15 & 8 years ago I started Drawing the Circle Productions; then with Amy & Kathy, The Silver Broom Ministries was born. Figuratively speaking I have a 15 year old boy & an 8 year old girl. But this blog isn’t about children, not directly. Beltane is about children… the making of them. It begins the Season of Fertility.

This blog is about the masculine principle & the feminine principle joining in a creative act. This isn’t about gender or genitalia. It is about Yin & Yang, Solar & Lunar & of course, God & Goddess. Since the Gods live within us, it is the Marriage of our own opposites like intuition & intellect, heart & head, etc. Regardless of your relationship status, you have a relationship within yourself that has the opportunity to find balance then join, for a time, to create something.

Beltane is symbolically linked with 4th Chakra, the Heart. It’s Christian sacrament coordinate is Marriage. The Sphere is Tif’eret/Harmony-Balance on the Kabalistic Tree of Life. The synchronicity of symbolism at Beltane points to an opportunity to bring Divine Power through our hearts. Imagine emerald green light shooting from your hearts, like a cross between Green Lantern & Katy Perry in the Firework video.
In Brightest Day, Boom, Boom, Boom!

Then, there’s what is actually manifesting around me physically. This year at our annual Beltane Party my best friend is getting married to her man of over 11 years. It’s taking place in our backyard as the ceremony kicking off the ensuing Fire & Ice party. Amy is one of my best friends, my housemate, my business partner & the High Priestess to the coven we started 18 years ago, our oldest daughter.

Rich & Amy

Yeah, Amy is the other parent to all of my children. Our marriage is one of many things, but we have aptly been called The Wiccan Will & Grace, though not technically Wiccan. Amy is getting Handfasted to her fiancée Rich, who I have known & loved for over a decade. They will be surrounded by over 100 friends & family (Closer to 150 at the moment) and of course, an ice luge.

I shall name her Lila L'Luge

The luge isn’t actually being used in the ceremony. Though, that would be cool. I will keep it in mind should I ever literally tie the knot. The luge arrives after the ceremony & has become one of our personal & community traditions. Dionysus (God of Wine) is my Patron God. Because of that I don’t drink much; a paradox that makes sense to me. But at Beltane… I sorta make up for it. This year I will do my best to not be a dripping tear of joy hot mess for more than 15 minutes. The blessing of having all this happen at my home is I can make costume changes as many times as Cher in Vegas. So if I do get sloppy I am a quick shower & Moroccan Oil application away from looking my best again… Gods willing.

Not what I am wearing.

This year Beltane is close to overwhelming & hasn’t even hit yet. If each sabbat is a gong we ring & the echo carries throughout the 3 month season, then this year we are hitting it hard & with a lot of Love. The echo will be strong.

The Sacred Truth of the Heart Chakra is “Love is Divine Power.” Let’s see, at least 100 Witches & Pagans in attendance, the Handfasting of 2 people who are so very dearly loved, by me & concentric circles of hundreds of people. My back yard lawn is already a sacred space. It is about to become an exceptionally powerful vortex of Divine Power.

The funny thing is, we can do that anywhere, anytime; in our back yards or bathrooms it doesn’t matter. Great big huge sabbat blasts are great… I mean, yeah, wow. I usually need a good lie down & a cigarette after. But the energy we raise all year long builds a foundation for the powerful, pulsing and release of power that a sabbat can provide if we work it.

Dionysus with hidden thyrsus.

I’ll be working it. I am spring cleaning my house in Virgo detail. I am almost there with a week to go. When I tune in to the actual day my heart flies open. I’ll be spending the party with my man Jose at my side, drink in hand, surrounded by the most fun people I know & laughing so hard I cry.

That is my wish for all of you, for Beltane of course, but also for the entire Season of Fertility.

May you be surrounded by those you love.
May your heart open & Divine Power flow through it.
May you laugh so hard you cry as often as possible
& may the Sacred Marriage of God & Goddess,
Solar & Lunar,
Yin & Yang
be manifest within your hearts,
little by little,
all season long.
So Mote It Be!

But… get the powerful, potent, pulsing, pleasurable, primal, Pagan release of power when you can.

Blessed Be & Blessed Beltane!

Rev. Mark A. Lyons.

Drawing the Circle Productions INC.
631-968-8307 @ProfWitch on Twitter

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

In times of national tragedy...


"In times of national tragedy it is a challenge to reach for a higher vibration. Even in personal times of sadness, it often feels inappropriate to turn gently towards optimism. Yet if we look to the lives of the masters, those who came before us & graduated Earth School, we see that reaching higher is exactly what they did. Whether it is through prayer, meditation, charity, outreach, what have you; they attained mastery trough the focus of their minds & the opening of their hearts. That is when your spiritual practice matters the most & takes you the furthest."

Rev. Mark A. Lyons