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Appreciating Mabon 2012

Appreciating Mabon 2012

With a week back at my desk under my belt & at work with DTCP, Mabon kinda sorta snuck up on me. I mean I knew it was coming, I have a calendar. But with getting my work life back in order after NYFW, I looked up & realized the first day of autumn was upon me. The Sun goes into Libra, marking the shift into Mabon Saturday, September 22nd at 10:49am. Thankfully I will be at our weekly Saturday Morning Miracles (ACIM) group at The Silver Broom in Sayville at the time.

Mabon is a little bittersweet. Summer is my favorite season, yet I really enjoy the spiritual energy the Fall Equinox offers. In my coven we have been considering it ‘Spiritual Thanksgiving’ for a long time. That makes it a favorite sabbat because I learned many years back that “gratitude is the attitude of increase.” This means simply that what we are thankful for multiplies by our focus upon it & the good feelings that giving thanks inspire.

But I have also learned that gratitude can have a touch of hardship in it, mixing in the struggles we have endured to attain what we have become & acquired. So, I have shifted it personally, to be an attitude of Appreciation, which is free of the struggle aspect.

This makes sense with the corresponding Chakra for the sabbat. The Crown (Spiritual Power) is the 7th Chakra & Mabon is the 7th Sabbat. So we are looking at a very spiritual season, focusing on the Crown’s Sacred Truth, “Live in Present Time.” Appreciation is good for staying in present time. Though we can certainly be appreciative of things gone by, it is much easier to focus upon what is already here in our lives when we choose to appreciate deliberately.

For example, take a moment to appreciate the technology in your life. I know it can be a pain in the ass sometimes, but what happens when the power goes out or your cell phone dies? Mayhem usually transpires. We certainly appreciate technology when the power comes back on. But you can even appreciate the simplicity of fresh air, time to yourself to contemplate & a good, solid friend. In other words, you can appreciate more than just physical acquisitions. You can appreciate your health as well as your wealth in its myriad forms.

You see, Spirit is always in a space & focus of appreciation, especially of YOU. When we match that frequency in our thoughts, the Crown Chakra opens & lets more life force in. We can tell by how good it feels. YOU are in control of the valve that lets spirit in or keeps it out by your moment by moment thinking. The other big time perk is, the more you open it up, the more inspiration flows into your experience. It makes sense; you open the valve to let spirit in; in-spirit-ation.

This need not be a grandiose ceremony either. Though on Sunday when I meet with my coven, we will have a ceremony marking the sabbat as well as the many people, places, things & expansions we are thankful / appreciative of. But it is also extremely effective to do this on a daily basis, as it puts us squarely in alignment with Source/God/ Goddess, even if we do it silently.

So make your lists of things you appreciate. Write it down if it helps you focus, release it to the Gods in your own way; set it on fire, what have you. But this is more than a once & done thing. Just spend 5 minutes in the morning, focusing on what you appreciate in the present moment. You will find more & more ‘things’ pop into your mind & your eye drawn to even more throughout the day. In this way “Appreciation is the attitude of Increase” will show itself to you on many levels, from the personal/spiritual to the physical/global.

May you find more & more to appreciate in this season of the 2nd Harvest & may you & yours truly find yourselves blessed.

Blessed Be,

Mark A Lyons
Professional Witch
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PS: The October 2012 Schedule of Events is now up in tentative form on the website.

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