Monday, September 17, 2012

New York Fashion Week 9/2012 Part IV

Blessed Foot Forward

This is the last blog on Fashion Week for awhile, well at least until February. But that’s sort of the point of this one. My life through the looking glass into the world of fashion isn’t ending anytime soon. My partnership with Eila Mell is a long one & it has the feel of destiny to it. This blog is about taking what I learned & now looking forward.

My 44th year has started out really amazing, as in like a maze, but a fun one. I never really know what lay behind the next corner, no one does. Clairvoyant mean ‘clear seeing’ not all knowing. There would be no adventure to life if I did know & that’s fine. I don’t claim 100% clear precognition, not that anyone does, not even Phoebe Halliwell had that. I have guidance, which this past week has sharpened & honed.

Everyone has access to guidance & I mean everyone. Call it emotional guidance, intuition, what have you, but I made a career on & a career by following my guidance as best as I can. It’s not hard, it just takes consistent practice. Pay attention to how you feel. As it is written above the pen board in the Malachite Room of The Silver Broom in Sayville, “Simple need not imply easy.”

So as I return to that very room to teach, take clients & do what I love & do best, I’m eager to see what happens next. I am on a roll. Mabon/Autumnal Equinox is right around the corner. I aced my New Moon Magick Saturday night, lighting a candle at the exact moment of 10:11pm. All I have to do now & stay happy, not blissful, not ecstatic joy. I just have to chill in Happy. Everything else will fall into place.

All this fashion stuff really does up the ante for me spiritually. I think I’ve illustrated that in these past few posts. It wasn’t easy, but the intention overall was simple. I phrased it many ways:

  • ·         Stay in the Vortex
  • ·         Stay in Alignment with Source.
  • ·         Forgive everything
  • ·         Flow & have fun

It’s an attitude more than a to do list. Having zero intention to have a career in fashion was like a shield. It kept me from attaching to outcomes aside from being of service to Eila as best I could. But even this wasn’t about staying on schedule really. It was about me being as uplifting as I could be within the range of the day. The more in flow I stayed, the easier the traffic parted & free parking appeared. The better I felt the more doors of opportunity opened &the right people came to us. 

When I wasn’t so on target vibrationally, we were delayed, & faced glitches. But we never, not even once, were late for anything. I’m a Virgo. Eila is a Sagittarius. Mutable earth & fire work really well together to clear a path & have fun in the process. Yes, it was work, but my intentions not only kept things moving, they made me stronger.

That is only going to positively influence my work. Just like if I trained at a gym non-stop for a week. I would come back stronger. Yes, I’m still resting. I’m not 100% back yet. I still have my left heel on the fashion side of the looking glass. But the cool part is, I get do the work I love on this side of it all & eventually step back through applying even more of what I learned in my world. 

Starting with this Monday’s Witchclass Cycle One: Circle Casting, I am officially back. Circle Casting is a very hands on class as Amy & I cast circle a few times. I’ll spend today finishing up my personal recharging for that. I’ve got readings booked all week, the Vortex on Tuesday & the Silver Broom’s fund raiser An Enchanted Evening on Thursday. Friday, I’m having lunch with the ladies, including Eila, where we will tell our private accounts of the week, in confidence, stuff we will never put in print.

This personal purge is important because life is all about stories. With each adventure we find ourselves in, we add another chapter. The characters within us rise & fall in succession. One moment we are the Hero, the next we become the Victim, then the Healer & the Caretaker.  To look back, summarize & melt down the symbolic lead into the Gold of Wisdom is the alchemy of life. It’s what Witches do, Lemons into Lemonade, again & again.

I am expecting some sweet returns for Mabon, the 2nd Harvest Sabbat. As The Sun in Virgo (my Servant/Hedonist Archetype) gives way to the Sun in Libra (My Prince/Lover Archetype) I can only assume & feel it even now, that things are just going to get better for me & those around me. I’m working on my book. I’m having a blast & I am consistently with people I love. It’s tricky to do, as I have already admitted over & over. But it is doable, one step at a time, one foot in front of the other. But as I have the choice as to do it plodding along or ‘ pounding the runway’ I’m gonna make the sidewalk my catwalk.

The overall message I wanted to convey over these 4 installments of the blog is 

  1. that you really do take your spirituality with you wherever you go. Well, at least we can if we stay focused. It’s not enough to read books & attend workshops then toss it out the window when life gets rough. 
  2. Judgment/condemnation of others is a huge pitfall regardless of what path you walk, even if it is never verbalized. It's even harder when the general atmosphere is bitchy, catty & based on visual critique.  
  3. We need to take care of ourselves first before we extend that care to others, regardless of the form in which we transmit that care. 
  4. Making peace with where we are is necessary to turn our lives downstream so we can go with the flow of life again. 

But what really stands out to me, more than the fashion, the practice or the pitfalls is the love. I love Eila & Amy. I love my career. I love my Gods. I actually have come to love the fashion world, its denizens & even New York Fashion Week.

For all of its often hidden depth & challenges of spirit, I still find art & adventure. I enjoy the smiles of new friends met who probably have zero idea they are talking to a Professional Witch. But best of all, I love how it tones me up to return to Drawing the Circle Productions & the Silver Broom Ministries. 

I’m clearer about what I want. I’m better than I was before the week started. Hell, I’m even thinner than when I started on my birthday/Fashion’s Night Out. So, I’m back to my desk, back to my work/career/vocation with just a tiny bit of me holding on to NYFW, maybe just a toe. But that toe looks really good.

Blessed Be,

Mark A Lyons
Professional Witch
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