Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Prosperity and Luxury Spell

Prosperity and Luxury Spell

By the Powers of the Sky & Land & Sea; I call forth total luxury

More than just money. More than a fix.

Financial abundance that comes to me quick.

Money to help, Money to heal.

Financial surplus that’s honest and real.

I give my life over so the Gods can now show

How true Witches prosper & luxury grows.

Bring it all under grace & in perfect ways

Financially secure for the rest of my days.

For the Highest Good & Harming None,

As I will it, so let it be done.



I have been doing 'prosperity & abundance' work since the late 80's when I realized it was going to take more than spells to boost my income. So I delved into the work of Florence Scovel Shinn, Phil Laut, Louise Hay, Shakti Gawain & Catherine Ponder, just to name a few.

What I learned the most is that regardless of your financial situation, you just have to be a vibrational match to what you want in this life in order for it to show up. So I wrote this spell to highlight the simplest & best feeling thoughts I could reach for in terms of finances, money, prosperity & luxury.

Mind you, the only way you can tell if you are a match to anything is by how good you feel on the subject. So this spell summed up the relaxed, stable & secure feeling of always having more than enough, which is what my feeling definition of 'Prosperity & Luxury' are to me.

Cast the spell when you have already amped up those feelings somewhat consistently. It's a rhyming chant that doesn't include any magickal carriers like candles, herbs or crystals. But you could certainly use some, make a charm, mix it in a bubble bath, what have you.

But most importantly, get to that place of feeling that 'all is well' & that Gods very much want you to be taken care of, so as a Pagan, Witch or Spiritual Seeker, you will receive what you want as well as what you need.
Blessed Be,
Mark A Lyons
Professional Witch
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