Friday, February 1, 2013

Imbolic 2013 Part II

So, today is 2/1/2013 & Imbolc is here, depending on who you ask. I will celebrate it tomorrow with some magick & probably a whole box of candles. But today, I just about bounced out of bed before I even realized it’s a High Holy Day. My to-do list is really jammed packed, but I did want to blog a bit more before suiting up & getting things done, as that’s part of what Imbolc is about; Banishing Winter & getting ready for Spring.

Now I know as a business owner that there is always plenty of work to do. There are days that, though I don’t have any events booked, I have plenty of ‘unpaid’ stuff to do. This is true of all of us. There is paperwork, housework & the ever present spiritual work it takes to keep us in balance. But what makes life fun, most of the time, is the creativity that we get to employ as we go.

For example, I have been working with one of my best friends Eila Mell for the past few years in the world of fashion. I left that world many years ago, in my teens, when I tried my hand/face/body as a model. I hated it. It was impossible for me at the time to balance my internal growth, which I chose to do, with the rigors of being evaluated purely on how I looked. I burnt out after a year of small success & huge rejection, which is what modeling entails for all but the few. Soon after that I began teaching & found my true career doing so.

Eila is a fashion journalist & I felt called to help her out as an assistant. It was like the Gods said, “GO HELP HER!” with wry, knowing smiles on all 12 of their faces. If you go back in my blog to September of last year I wrote quite a bit about my experiences at New York Fashion Week 9/2012 & how I somehow miraculously managed to keep my spiritual balance. To date I have assisted her through 2 books, New York Fashion Week: the Designers, the Models, the Fashions of the BryantPark Era & Project Runway: The Show that Changed Fashion as well as 3 years of 2 Fashion Weeks per year.

Well, guess what? Fashion week starts next Thursday & we are already booked pretty consistently with events & a new project. No Wire Hangers, is a TV show we have been working on for the past few months & are ready to start shooting. Check out the Facebook Page at No Wire Hangers.

Thankfully I have a behind the scenes roll as a writer for the series. Actually, I am a comedy writer for it, so I don’t have to know dick about fashion in any way that requires expertise. That’s Eila’s gig, as well as Viktor Luna’s specialty. Viktor is a fashion designer & at this point best known for being in the top 3 of Project Runway’s Season 9. He’s a lot of fun to work with & as I get to know him better, I find he’s more of a Virgo than I am, in a very cool, stylish & detailed way. It's a great project to be included in & I get to pitch a billion idea of which maybe a million are funny, 'nuff said.

What does this have to do with Imbolc? Well, just about everything. We started ‘dreaming’ this all up right before Yule, 12/21.2012. It makes sense that with the creativity of the Season of Imbolc/Rebirth, that we would start giving it legs, shooting footage, editing & all of that now. It is slated to be presented to the public during Spring or the Season of Ostara, where we actually see the flowers, buds & eventually blooms.

As usual, my career is creative & takes me into new places that, seriously, I never thought I would be guided into. TV? Really? That’s where the Gods want me, at least for now? OK, says the Elder Witch in me. Do your best & kick as much magickal ass as you can, keep uplifting people & by all means have fun as you go. So you see, this season can be an amazing time of creativity, especially in how we see things. 

Creative thinking is at on the rise now & for the next month or so, so seek to see things differently. You have zero idea where it is leading, no one ever does. But if you bring that fun, saucy 2nd Chakra energy to it (see last blog) you can really enjoy the ride & the adventure as it unfolds regardless of outcome. For now, all I have to do is keep my energy up & the funny coming. It is an adventure for sure.

Speaking of adventures, you know I am ever a pawn in the Gods' game of love & romance. Yes my Dears, I am dating someone on a more than occasional basis. This too is all about Imbolc, the 2nd Chakra & all that jizz, I mean Jazz.. I met him on Christmas Day. He is really wonderful & I consider him the best Christmas Gift I have ever gotten. Again, no idea where it is headed, but I know that if I keep my symbolic coordinates clear in my view, I will navigate this well & possibly end up with an actual 'regular' boyfriend.

It’s true, I may actually commit monogamy. I make it sound like an illegal act don’t I? Well, what do you want from someone who has spent years as a Spiritual & Ethical Slut? 

But more of that later in Part III where will sum this up with the Sacred Truth of the 2nd Chakra, "Honor One Another." Yep, it all dovetails, so check back again soon. In other words...

(To be continued, again)

Click here for Part III

Blessed Be,

Rev. Mark A. Lyons, President
Drawing the Circle Productions INC.
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  1. I love reading your blogs... Thank You for sharing :)

    1. :)
      I'm glad. I really enjoy writing, but also wait until I am actually inspired to do so.
      So, there are time gaps between posts, but I feel like I'm at least acting when inspired.