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Imbolc 2013 Part I

The Goddess Brigit. Imbolc is Her day

There is a lot going on. As this writing 1/30/2013, Jupiter just turned direct after 4 months of a retrograde & I can feel it gearing up to plow forward. How lovely that it happens right before 2/2, the sabbat (holy day)  of Imbolc, also known as Candlemas & of course, Groundhog’s Day. The Sun will be halfway through the sign of Aquarius, 15 degrees at the precise moment & it marks midwinter with another month & a half till spring.

This is the first cross-quarter in the Wheel of the Year. Everyone knows the 4 seasonal quarters. They mark the beginning of each of the 4 season of which everyone is aware, Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall. However, it seems mostly Pagans & Witches know about the cross-quarters, each bisecting each of the traditional 4 seasons. So, imagine a wheel with 4 equidistant spokes, then add 4 more, also equidistant. This is the 8-fold Wheel of the Year & my long-term magickal clock.

OK, so we’re moving into Imbolc, the Season of Rebirth. Yes, at Yule, the Sun was reborn & the cycle began again. But the sabbat before Yule is Samhain, marking the 3 month Season of Death. Imbolc ends that cycle with a theme of rebirth & indeed, creativity.

We have 8 sabbats that match & correspond with 8 Chakras; the basic 7 + the 8th Chakra that hovers above the head. Each of these seasons gives us an opportunity to clear up a chakra in tandem with nature’s cycle of the seasons. In other words; the astrological & seasonal tides for each sabbat, Imbolc in this case, is perfect symbolic weather for working with the 2nd Chakra, the Sacrum.

The Sacrum is an amazing Chakra, it manages the powers of 1 on 1 relationships, sexuality, money & more relevant to me at the moment, creativity. Yes, it is the sexual chakra & no wonder that Valentine’s Day falls within its season. Taken literally, sexual energy is creative energy, as it can create not just a new human, but drive us out into the world to make our way, hopefully for the better. This is also why, “Thunder only happens when it’s raining. Players only love you when they’re playing.”

Nicks aside, it really is a good idea to do some research on the 2nd Chakra. The Sacrum is a very vital part of the whole energy system. No more or less important than any other, but without it, life is blah. It’s been called ‘the pump of the Kundalini system. In other words, it helps you get ‘it’ up. But ‘it’ is about creativity, drive, ambition & the desire to connect with another person or thing in an individual way. Yeah, it's also about boinking.

Here is a link to Caroline Myss’s website, specifically to the page on Chakras. This is a resource I have turned to many times over the decades, helping me to decode what’s going on in my energetically. The Flash presentation is really useful & puts new coordinates into the Chakras in a very practical way.

Check it out, think on this & check back soon for Part II.

(To be continued)
Part II 

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