Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Imbolc 2013 Part III; Fashion, Romance & Honor

Some time has gone by since my last blog. I wrote Part II right before going into New York Fashion Week & what a week it was. I needed time to integrate, because I’m not the same person who wrote that last blog. It’s me, but a lot has changed. I will attempt to briefly tell the story in 3 parts.


Fashion Week was incredible. My friend Eila & I have been going to the Spring & Fall shows for the past few years. Our experience has been an ongoing evolution. Every season brings its joys & challenges. We have both grown as a result & as a result, the projects are expanding in scope & getting more fun. Our way is being made, if not easier, then more fun.

For example, working with Starr Films on the No Wire Hangers pilot was a lot of fun for me. I’m Eila’s assistant, so I’ll do just about anything. My Virgo self just kicks in & I go from Fashion Photographer, to ‘Scout’ meaning I scan for certain people for Eila to interview. I even do stints as ‘MAL the Amazing Walking Coat Tree,’ but I really love it. It’s sort of a Virgo obstacle course; serve & keep an eye on the details. I did. Meeting Marilu Henner was my highlight of the week. I ‘gay-flirted’ with her, snapped her picture, made her laugh & she touched my face in appreciation. I made Elaine Nardo from Taxi giggle. That’s just cool.

The cast & crew on No Wire Hangers were great. We had fun & got some amazing stuff for the show. It has been a really long time since I was part of something so directly focused in the entertainment field. I have been skirting it here & there with Eila of course. But this was more immediate & hands on. It was like being on a migratory TV stage; cameraman, director, talent & GO! I had a blast. I was treated really well & I got to serve, the Virgo word, 2nd maybe to the word analyze.

What I learned throughout the week is still integrating. It has to do about honor on many levels; honoring yourself, honoring others, honoring the process. Honoring where everyone was allowed me the spiritual flexibility to stay cool & move on when things got bumpy. Then I actually witnessed the expansion in the situation, though more often in retrospect.  In other words, every bump moment led to a better idea & a fresher direction when I stayed honorable & calm. Much has evolved within me & I’ll even go far to say Eila & I’s experience of Fashion Week has been stepped up a notch. It keeps getting better, healthier & more balanced.

I made new friends, learned some new skills & certainly applied spiritual principle throughout. In short I was able to alchemize what would appear to be a commercial, cosmetic journey into a spiritual & very honor based experience. I’m glad it is only twice a year, but I wouldn’t trade these weeks for what they bring out of me spiritually.


You know, I’ve always been fond of Love Spells. LOL! That’s the understatement of the blog. I started studying magick & Witchcraft as a teen. Who wouldn’t dabble in love magick? Well, I did & learned the price paid very young. I now consider it one of the most dangerous forms of magick & as a result of wisdom gained; I keep my Love Magick aimed at ME.

That said, every now & again I’ll let the universe know that I’m ready to do more than have a quick spin around the sexual dance floor (Booty Call Spells). I wanted a longer adventure, one that has plenty of sweet, slow dances. So, I’d occasionally light a candle, toss some petals in the canal behind my house, chant something simple then forget I did it. It was magick that said, “I’m ready, I think…for the highest good & all that. In Perfect Love & Perfect Trust, let the music begin.” I don’t target anyone. There are no hairs or nail clippings involved, no business cards or pictures. I just put it out there in a general way; say ’so mote it be.’ & get back to work.

Whether it was a spell that set the wheels in motion, the Angels hearing 2 people’s prayers or just the path the Gods intended all along, I am now a boyfriend. There is no one more surprised than me, but it is accompanied by feeling very lucky that I made it here. Mind you, I don’t really believe in luck.

My new man is a great guy & a somewhat shy Cancerian. He’s beautiful, warm, smart, communicative & really sweet/romantic. I grew up with female crabs all though my life. But the Cancerian male is a whole other shellfish. He’s better than I expected, honestly. At this point I’m keeping him anonymous only because if you are in my life, you know him & like I said, he is a “somewhat shy Cancerian.” I really honor that, as I am used to dating 4 alarm extroverts. We are going at a healthy & very sweet pace.

We met on Christmas Day as if by chance. We spent New Year’s Eve together at our annual party in my home. We had a magickal night & everyone got along greatly. Seeing each other once or twice a week since, well… it was clear that monogamy was imminent. So I hatched a plan. By Valentine’s Day we made it official. We are now boyfriends.

Let’s just keep in mind that I have been a slut, though one with integrity, for a long time. My road to this guy was a long winding & yes, twisted one. I’m 44. I’ve been out of the closet since junior year of high school.& have experienced True Love, Great Love, Fast Love, Cheap Love, & of course, the turd in the punchbowl, Unrequited Love. All of them were lessons. Each relationship got me consistently clearer about what I want & who I want to be in an intimate, romantic, monogamous relationship. Welcome to my mid-40’s, I’m off the market & in love with a good man. Go Figure! Is nesting soon to follow? He likes to clean. That helps. I don’t.

BTW, it’s not like the lessons stop. Oh no, life goes on for the Witch, the Lover, the Teacher & all the other parts of my Soul. But this man is more than a Lover. He is a companion; responsible, has his shit together & willing to grow into being the best he can be. Who am I not to dance to this music, even though it started with Christmas carols in the air? It happens when you least expect it, right? I honor him & am more than willing to see where this adventure may lead.


What weaves the first 2 subjects of Fashion & Romance together is what I learned about Honor & how it ties into the Season of Imbolc. Remember, the sabbats aren’t just days, they are full seasons, opportunities to attune to & grow with the cycles of nature; go with the flow. It’s what Witches do. Plugging the sabbat into the 2nd Chakra & its sacred Truth, “Honor One Another” is the silver thread that ties both evolutions together in my life (See part I & II of this sabbat blog.)

The 2nd Chakra is umbilical, connecting you to the 2nd Chakra of every person you had, or have in your life. The quality of that energy determines not only the health of the relationship, but your own spiritual, mental, emotional & physical health as well. Every relationship we have teaches us in terms to get clear about what we want & who we want to be in relationships. I’m not just talking romance & sex here; we’re talking individual relationships with parents, friends, family & even our relationship with Money & Creativity. That’s a lot.

So as I underwent both simultaneous stories of Fashion & Romance, I was able to hold the coordinates of Honor One Another. Even if I didn’t know how to in the moment, I had the desire to honor the person I was dealing with. If I wasn’t honored back eventually, I did something to shift that, usually in myself/honored myself & things worked out perfectly, honor was always restored on both sides.

Wacky huh? You’d think there was magick afoot or something. It was magick perhaps, maybe a few circling spells in the atmosphere decided to land all at once, an enchanted blitzkrieg of sorts. But I also know I did my inner work. I wasn’t trying to manifest anything specifically. I just kept an eye on my internal energies in how they felt. I kepy myself in alignment with Source, Spirit, my Gods etc & I did it only because I wanted to feel good emotionally. As a result I grabbed the brass ring, or in this case 2 beautiful silver boyfriend rings & a new evolving project that bridges the Fashion, Entertainment & Spiritual worlds.

So, who knows what happens next? Ostara is less than a month away & already my calendar looks wild. I guess I’ll just have to keep blogging. I’ll keep you in the loop. But mind you, Mercury turns Retrograde this week. So keep your spell check on & your spells checked 2 or 3 times.

Blessed Be,

Rev. Mark A. Lyons, President
Drawing the Circle Productions INC.
631-968-8307 @ProfWitch on Twitter

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