Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Prayer for Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde is an Astrological event that happens 3 times a year.
Because of the different shapes & sizes of planetary orbits, some planets appear to go backwards in the sky for periods of time. They don't actually reverse in orbit, but they appear to.

When this happens, the planet's sphere of symbolic influence tends to go backwards. for example; when Venus goes retro, relationships tend to get complicated or we go through a period of rethinking relationships, major purchases etc. In other words, we redo that content of the planet's energetic coordinated in our lives.

When it happen to Mercury, as it will this weekend, we have the opportunity to re-think everything in our lives. At the same time, people tend to experience a certain amount of chaos & turbulence in all things dealing with messages & communications. It's not a great time to sign contracts for example, as what we think during mercury retro tends to change once it comes direct. The tendency to misread detail is huge. So we are all advised again & again to slow down, rethink everything & examine detail before making any major decisions.

I also find it helpful, as a speaker, teacher & communicator, to emphasize clarity when I speak. Though even I get tongue-tied during Merc Ret. So here is a prayer I wrote several years ago. It is a prayer to Hermes, the Greek Messenger of the Gods, who is the pre-Roman version of Mercury.
I suggest this as a daily prayer. What in life is once & done? The intention is about grace, walking in grace, talking in grace & above all else, living in grace.

Let me know how this feels & works for you in the comments below & of course, I wish us all well through this potentially amazing time of rethinking our lives.

Blessed Be,

Rev. Mark A. Lyons, President
Drawing the Circle Productions INC.
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Prayer for Mercury Retrograde

Dear Hermes,

I know this Mercury Retrograde is a trying time.

Please, let your divine order permeate my life. I let it in so it can do its work.

May this time be used for my highest good & for the highest good of all concerned.

Align my life to your will. Use this retrograde as a time for refinement.

May I have grace through this month & next,

so I will easily & effortlessly become that which you would have me be.

Bless my path & my way. Remind me of the things I have to remember.

Open my eyes & my mind so I may find the things you have placed right in front of me.

Open & heal my heart, so if I do get frustrated & afraid, I have what I need to heal readily available.

Please Hermes, help me to see your will.

May your Divine order be wholly displayed in my life & in all my affairs,

so the world may see your might & glory. 

So Mote it Be.