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Yule, The Fool & The Potion Witch

 Yule, The Fool & The Potion Witch

Last night was the first of 4 Yule ceremonies for me. Yule/Winter Solstice is one of my favorite sabbats, though Beltane is number 1 on my list, of course. But after being in & out of the Underworld since Mabon (See my Mabon – Samhain Blog) Yule is a welcome breath of fresh life.

The Yule ceremony last night was at The Silver Broom Ministries in Sayville. We charged the Yule Spell that I posted last time. It was a lot of fun. I have to say that I did some of my best work on that spell. The rhyme may not be 100% but if you count, each line has 8 syllables, 1 per each sabbat of the Wheel of the Year. I am a Virgo, what can I say?

So having popped up from the Underworld this last time (for now) a few days ago, I can only say that I feel great. I got to chill in the 8th Chakra for a longer span of time & the inspiration I received was like gold, mined from the depth of the Unconscious Mind. I’m feeling refreshed & eager for the new Solar Year.

The Solar Cycles of our lives have a greater sway on us than we often realize. Just consider the literal seasons. Yule is the first official day of Winter & here on Long Island, NY we get it in full. We take to bundling up, settling in after the rush of the various holidays & returning to some aspects of hibernation.

Yet the Birth energy of Yule urges us to plant the seeds of what we want garnered from the review of the past year. I got my clarity because I took my time feeling out my life. I know what I want more clearly than ever before & my intentions are lined up.

So, with intentions & spells written I am ready to leap into the new. OK, it doesn’t feel like a leap so much as a set of baby steps. But since this sabbat has to do with the Birth of the Sun, we are all like energetic babies, fresh from the womb of our own internal mothering of the past few months. Sure I’m not ready to run out & take the world by the balls. You just don’t send a baby to work day 1 do you?

No, you keep it warm, safe & fed, 3 things, at least, that I’m doing very well with & intending to continue till at least the next sabbat of Imbolc in February. But for now, it’s all about creating my new year with fresh perspective & taking a symbolic leap of faith via small steps. 

The seeds of my personal magick to be done are clear in my mind & having to do with a new Annual Patron, success & expansion. I feel like I am perched on top of a cliff, just one step away from the unknown. That image is very familiar to me. It’s like the card of the Fool in the Tarot.

The Leap awaits with 1 step

The Fool is the Major Arcana card numbered 0, between the last card in the cycle of The World (21) & the first card of the cycle The Magician (1). That’s where I am, between the old & new, poised for the 1 baby step that may cause plummet or flight. That’s the risk isn’t it, fall or fly. 

Thankfully I know what I’m doing & though sometimes we drop a bit, the momentum from the nosedive can be redirected into a meteoric rise. But that’s an everyday thing too isn’t it? The moment our eyes open each morning, we are the Fool ready with 1 step to take the risk of sinking of soaring.

My symbolic seeds are many. For starters, I’m starting January with something I’ve never done before. Every Friday for the foreseeable future I will be doing phone readings. 

 Need a reading?

I always shied away from it as I much prefer the face to face intimacy of a private reading. But I have been doing them for years for out of state clients or for those who couldn’t get to my office in Sayville. 

My guides don’t care about distance, being non-physical & all. So I’m putting it out there. On available Fridays I will spend a good chunk of the day in jammies with a full pot of coffee & read from a comfy spot on my couch or in my extremely cloud-like bed. YAY, I love being Self employed.

I’m also launching a new 13 week series of Witchclass Cycle Three – Gods & Goddesses. 

 This should be fun

Each week I’ll be teaching 3 hour classes diving deep into the Hellenic Greek Gods; their myth, archetypal make up & magick.  The Gods we’ll be working with are: Aphrodite, Apollo, Ares, Artemis, Athena, Circe, Demeter, Dionysus, Eros, Hades, Harmonia, Hephaestus, Hera, Heracles, Hermes, Hestia, Hygeia, Pan, Persephone, Poseidon & of course Zeus. 

Zeus is my personal patron for this New Year & I’m really looking forward to embodying his power in the clearest, cleanest, best feeling way possible while trying o manage the lightning risk to myself & others.

But for now, I’ve got more Yule Gifts to make. I decided to go the potion route this year. I’m actually a pretty good Potion Witch. I’m no Severus Snape, but I can mix a pretty magickal concoction. Ask anyone I’ve ever made a cocktail for. (See the Shot Spells Blog.) 

 Whatever could they be?

I’m not going to reveal what the actual potions are at the moment, as they are gifts. But you know me, I’ll share them once they have been delivered. But let’s just say they were inspired & some of the more powerful ones I’ve ever made, not to mention very practical. You’ll see, or should I say Yule see!

Until then, I’ve got a lot on my plate. No rest for the Witch… I used to say no rest for the Wiccan, but I’m not technically Wiccan anymore. I’m an Eclectic Witch; hence my exploration & practice of the Greek Gods, A Course in Miracles, The Law of Attraction, Sanskrit Mantras & the Gods only know what else I’m forgetting & coming next down the pike.

I can only say that I’m going to do my best to cultivate Joy, Ease, Flow, Grace & a few other things I have brewing up my sleeve, pardon the mixing of metaphor. But I sense with this high of an energy, this early on that I’ve got a good momentum going. It will be fun to see how it comes together. Regardless, I’m feeling ready, reborn, refreshed & ready to teach, read, heal, counsel & all the other stuff I love to do as a Professional Witch.

 My son Sabastian blissed out in the Vortex

Consider yourself invited to join in on the wild ride that this next solar year can bring. I’ll be doing my best to ride the surf, go downstream, get in the Vortex, live on a high flying disc & do my thing with as much laughter, eagerness & style as I can muster. In this way, the Yule Fire I’ll be lighting will be under my ass, as 2014 is going to be a busy year.

Wishing you all the best of the Season & may the Gods themselves hold you close in their love & guidance.

Blessed Be & Blessed Yule  

Rev. Mark A. Lyons, President
Drawing the Circle Productions INC.
631-968-8307 @ProfWitch on Twitter

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