Monday, April 21, 2014

Witchclass Cycle One

New Cycle start Monday, April 21st, from 7pm. 

$10 per class, pay as you go.

The Silver Broom

46 Railroad Ave, Sayville NY 11782

This is our longest running class series.
Amy Krinner, my best friend & High Priestess, started teaching together 16 years ago to help clarify, educate & provide feedback to the burgeoning amount of information on Witchcraft.

We offer 3 different cycles on Witchcraft:

  • Witchclass Cycle One: The Basic Art & Science
  • Witchclass Cycle Two: Spellbook
  • Witchclass cycle Three: Gods & Goddesses.
The cycles need not be taken in order & are geared toward practical application & living a magickal life.

For more information check out our website at or drop us a message at

Blessed Be

Rev. Mark A. Lyons


Witchclass Cycle One Description & Curriculum:

Whether you’re a Witch, a Witch in training, or just curious, these classes are a fun introduction to the Craft.

With a focus on the Witch’s Rede: “An Ye Harm None, Do What Ye Will” students learn the basics in the Art & Science of Witchcraft.

Join us for another cycle of this educational & enjoyable journey through the basics of Witchcraft. This 13 week series is in its 14th year of bringing together Witches of every race, age & spiritual background. We have trained Mothers & Daughters, Sisters & Wives. We have taught husbands & brothers, boyfriends & co-workers alike. We have made friends. We have discovered family. We have woven a community strand by strand.

Classes 1 through 11 are open. Classes 12 and 13 are closed,
Private Make up classes are available upon request.

Class One – The Basics of Witchcraft: What is a Witch? What is Witchcraft? Discussions on: the Witches Rede poetic version, the 13 principals of Witchcraft, Grounding / Centering, Witchcraft as an Art & Science. What is a Book of Shadows?

Class Two – Elements & Sacred Space: What are the 5 elements? Discussion of: elemental correspondences, the Pentacle, Altars, Purifying / creating sacred space

Class Three – Basic Spell Casting: How do you cleanse & consecrate? Discussion of: proper spell ingredients, symbolic correspondences, timing Magick with the Moon, phrasing your Intent, wording, taglines & loopholes for safe & effective magick.

Class Four -Astrology ( Intermediate Spell Casting): How Astrology effects Magick & Spellwork. Planet / Sign / House / Intent correspondences. Astrological aspects & spellwork (New & Full Moon alignments)

Class Five – Gods & Goddesses (Advanced Spell Casting): How Spirit = Energy, Plugging spells into divinity, Discussion of different pantheons, Gods & Goddesses Correspondences.

Class Six – The Wheel of the Year: Discussion of: the 8 holidays (holy days) of the Witch’s year, the 4 seasonal quarters, the 4 seasonal cross quarters, Seasonal Correspondences, Long-term spellwork, Ceremony / Ritual ideas.

Class Seven – Circle Casting: What is a Magickal Circle ? What does it do & how does it work? Programming circles. 6 easy to use versatile Circle Casts How to write circle casts for all occasions. Hands on demonstration.

Class Eight – Quarter Calls: What is a Quarter Call? Differences between Elements & Elementals. The how-to’s of Quarter calling: stirring, summoning, calling. How to close Quarters & Extensive directional correspondences

Class Nine – Divination: How a Witch uses divination. We discuss: Tarot, Runes, pendulum work, scrying & other oracles in the use of witchcraft. Several quick & easy spreads to help you fine-tune your magick.

Class Ten – Magickal Tools: Elemental correspondences with the different tools. How tools are used to focus our own inner power.
Magickal Tools show & tell. Fundamental teaching that “The Power is in the Witch.

Class Eleven – Ethics & Etiquette & Cycle Review: What is expected of a proper witch in public ceremonies: Before, During & After ceremony. Ethical do’s & don’ts when; applying specific spellwork, healing, in public& when binding / banishing. A review of classes 1 – 10

Class Twelve – Ritual Design: Application of all that was learned in the first 11 classes. Basic ritual outlines from start to finish. The whole class participates in designing the Graduation Ceremony.

Class Thirteen – Graduation Ceremony: Performance of the Ritual designed in Class 12.

Certificates of Completion given to each student.

Rev. Mark A. Lyons, President
Drawing the Circle Productions INC.
631-968-8307 @ProfWitch on Twitter

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