Thursday, March 13, 2014

Full Moon 2014: The Divine Order Potion

The Divine Order Potion

By Pisces Sun & Virgo Moon.

God & Goddess in perfect Tune.


Jasmine & Lemon Pisces Sun

By your Magick Our Will be done.


Virgo Moon’s Lavender 

& Mint

Upon this water, now imprint.


Pisces Water & Virgo Salt

Divine Order we now Exalt


Holy Water, Sacred Brine

Their blessings be on you Divine


That all you touch will blessed be

With Order of Divinity.


With ease & grace you now preserve

The path we walk to craft & serve.


For the Highest Good & Harming None

As I will it so let it be done.




The truth is, Divine Order is always at work in our lives.
But if our lenses are cloudy, we can't see it.
This potion will help to clear you & whatever it touches in a way that can bring you & it into the flow.

Here's the Spell Outline:

  • What do I want?
    • To make a Holy Water based potion
      • blessed with high emotion
      • to release all aspects of life into the flow of  Divine Order
  • Why do I want it?
    • So I can relax into the process & know for once & for all
      • that all aspects from big/general
      • to small /specific are being handled by the Divine.
      • In this I can relax & trust, go downstream,
        • enjoy the ride knowing all is in Divine Order.
          • Emotional Guidance Scale of Content to Joy.
  • When
    • Sunday March 16th, Sun in Pisces, Moon in Virgo at 1:08pm
  • Supplies:
    • 1 Gallon of Water
    • Essential Oils
      • Jasmine 6 drops
      • Lavender 6 drops
      • Lemon 6 drops
      • Peppermint 6 drops
    • Bottles to decant (misters & spray bottles are fun too.)
    • Stones
      • Arrange 6 stones in a hexagon around the bowl of water, oils & salt.
      • 1 Cup of Salt
      • Carnelian-Jade-Jasper-Sapphire - Virgo
      •  Amethyst-Aquamarine-Clear Quartz- Pisces 
    • Large Bowl
    • Wooden Spoon 
  • Directions:
    • Find a steady feeling place about your life in general
      • or any subject you like.
      • anywhere from Contentment to Joy.
    • Pour most but not necessarily all the water in the bowl
      •  set aside the smaller bottles for decanting.
    • Place the salt with the bowl & the oils
    • Surround with 6 of any of the stones listed above .
      • Any combo will do, even if you only have 6 of 1 stone.
    • Chant each line as you add each ingredient.
    • Keep chanting the line until the ingredient is added
      • & stirred deosil (clockwise) at least 3X with a wooden spoon
      •   before continuing to the next line / ingredient.
    • When all ingredients are added,
      •  chant the spell with as much feeling as you can.
        • Even if you are feeling Ease & Contentment,
        • say it with that feeling.
        • Charge the water with this feeling as you stir.
    • When the power peaks finish the spell with so mote it be.
    • Keep the feeling as long as you can, as the water settles.
    • Ground & Center
    • Add the Holy Water into the rest of the gallon of water
      • Shake & decant into smaller bottles.

It's a water based potion, so it's all about emotion, but not made for drinking.

Blessed Full Moon & let me know how it goes.

Rev. Mark A. Lyons, President
Drawing the Circle Productions INC.
631-968-8307 @ProfWitch on Twitter

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